Monday, 24 March 2014

Fashion Bitch

So I'm always posting about things I love/want/need but this post is gonna go slightly different...cause everyone loves a good bitch. As a fashion student and people watching enthusiast, it's second nature for me to scan what people are wearing and question it.  For example, personally I find that judging a person by their shoes is highly accurate and perfectly acceptable.
So as much as it pains me to have unattractive photos on my blog, here are my least favourite items and trends for the season, which I am far from looking forward to seeing more of this summer!
1. New, ugly and cheap looking Nike Huarache colour ways
Girls sizes: Yes. Girly colours: No.
(NB these look even worse in real life)
2. The Chav-ification of American sports jerseys. My granddad lives in Michigan and I have plenty of authentic sports apparel from over the years, I'll tell you one thing, it doesn't look like this!
3. Skateboards becoming a fashion accessory to non-skaters. This is Selfridges right now... somehow skateboards have become 'cooler' than those who actually skate.
4. Short shorts with a awkward amount of ass. British girls take provocative dressing too far.
5. American Apparel leotards with an awkward amount of boob. Often worn with above shorts. Ew.
6. High street brands ripping off streetwear brands that are ripping of other streetwear brands
7. Sandals. Full stop. I guess this is just a personal thing but they look nasty and do not allow for running, climbing things or any other childish outdoor activities I still like.
8. Tiedye/Hype/Festival/Hipster vests. See Vice for further reading of associated culture.
9. The 'Kanye West' effect. Everything in moderation right, I'm all for a bit of leather or a slightly longer hem, but people take this way. too. far.
10. Irrelevant and pointless words on clothing. Needs no further explaining than the below.
Well that's enough hate for one post, these are my 10 worst current fashion fails. Agree? Disagree? I would be interested to see if these are true for other countries, or if it's just a British thing?

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