Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Nike Liberty ID

So if you're a Nike regular such as myself you'll be aware that they have just made prints from there on going collaboration with luxury department Liberty available on Nike ID. Now I'm not quite sure if I can justify the £145 price tag- I am soon to be a student again- but designing shoes with these beautiful prints is hella fun. I thought i'd post up a few of my own Air Max 1 designs here.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Made one of my best decisions to date and took the week off work and headed back to Kettering. This weather is too good to miss and work was getting more stressful so a break was definitely needed, luckily I have loads of holiday to use up before I finish at the end of June. Then its back to the student life.
I am determined to get as many photos and outfit posts done in the next week whilst I have to free time and photographer. Though it is to easy to just get caught up doing nothing and chilling in the sun. I will try though. So heres the first of hopefully many photos to come.