Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Kate Moss Takes Over

As a Fashion Marketing student, Supreme's latest stunt has definitely got me thinking. While the rest of the industry is going wild with social media and taking marketing to the extreme with campaigns such as interactive technology billboards, Supreme keep it simple... and it works. What better way to get people talking than thousands of posters across Soho featuring the 2nd highest earning model in the world, cigarette in hand and looking as glamorous and elusive as ever. The eagerly awaited Spring/Summer 12 collection is set to launch in the London store on the 23rd but as impressed as i am with their marketing, the lookbook seems somewhat miss-matched and irrelevant.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Collaboration TOxLBB

Just a quick Instagram shot of a promo video we filmed for Takeover and online boutique Little Black Box. The polo shirt is available to buy here and the shorts and all the accessories I'm wearing are from Little Black Box (not including trainers-they are my favorites and definitely not for sale!) Video coming soon!!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Latest Lust

For quite some time, I've had my little eye on these gorgeous Ash wedge trainers and have been wondering if it really is wise to splash out for the £139 pair. My footwear of choice has always been the same, Nikes for daytime and chunky heels for evenings- is there really any need for this beautiful hybrid in my collection? Maybe not, but then again, fashion has no logic.
I think my discount from ASOS may come in handy here, as impractical as they are i'm really not sure how much longer i can resist these shoes. Plus they'd look sick in a takeover photo shoot!

Friday, 3 February 2012


To fill you in, here's a short selection of what we've been getting up to over the past year.

Spring/Summer 2012 range coming soon!


Firstly i believe an introduction  is due; I'm Allanah and i'm currently studying a degree in International Fashion Marketing as well working for Takeover along side 'dope boy' Lukas Vinicenko

This is a somewhat girly and fashion-focused insight into Takeover (which has always been far too male dominated for my liking... shh) looking at street trends, art & photography and the latest Takeover ventures. So here for your viewing pleasure is everything a Takeover girl happens to stumble upon in her journey into the fashion unknown! Enjoy....