Thursday, 31 January 2013


So I made it over to Dam for a couple of days before Christmas. Now I know i said this about Barcelona, but Amsterdam is definitely my new favourite city! Highlights included Hill Street Blues, checking out all the street art and hunting down every trainer shop in the city including the location of the infamous Patta store. 
A new gallery on Dam square opened up while we were out there by Selwyn Senatori and they kindly let us take a photo of his 'Because I'm Fucking Fashion' piece. Seriously some of the most crazy and inspiring work I've seen featuring everything from Karl Lagerfeild to Mickey Mouse and many 'fucks' in between. The food was amazing, the city was beautiful and the lifestyle is to die for. The photos are not so great but lets be honest, I had better things to be doing out there!

Monday, 14 January 2013

Feeling Fresh

Backpack- Takeover
Sweater- Zara
Snapback- King Apparel
Eagle necklace- Topshop

Shirt- Vintage
Jacket- Vintage
5 panel hat- 10 Deep

Spent my first non-hungover Sunday in about an year taking some photos. Now I'm fully aware I'm no model and no photographer but it kind of beats dying in bed all day. Really wanna get some more of these Takeover bags made cause this fabric is too nice! 
I got Lukas this 10 deep 5 panel for Christmas. Its pretty much him in hat form- I love it when an item of clothing can just sum up a person. These are also some of  my favourite trainers of his. I try them on every time I'm back just in case my feet have grown/these have shrunk. 
No luck as of yet but I will keep trying.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Greed Is Good

Greed Is Good Sweater- Takeover
Disco Pants Cranberry- Americal Apparel
Lace Up Boots- Primark

Mmmmmm new things. I'm currently interning at Primark head office and come across these gorgeous Jeffery Campbell-esqe boots. Love them so much I'm not even bothered about buying real ones now. I party to hard to justify spending hundreds on a pair of heels that i will definitely trash within a month. No Takeover sweaters left but tees still available at ... go see.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Air Max 1s

(High Snobiety, Nike)

I'm not normally one to go for girly trainers but have completely fallen for these. Probably my favourite colourway I've seen on girl Air Max 1s. Releasing in February and personally I cannot wait. Oh and the blue are pretty tasty too! I know Nike have been getting a lot of shit for the vintage tongues but i do like them.
I have bought/been given a stupid amount of new shoes recently so will do a proper post on it some time in the near future.