Friday, 6 June 2014

The smart girl's guide to festival fashion

I've never really understood the whole festival trend, why do brands and magazines keep telling us to dress a certain way for a certain event? And why do girls completely change their style for the weekend? Surely you should just dress like yourself. Well, a messier, dirtier version. Whilst I'm an all round fan of festivals, the British 'festival look' is completely not my thing.

In the past 5 or 6 years I've been to Reading several times, Leeds and Download, I've never experienced a non camping festival so this post is in reference to the tent life, all day drinking, no showering type of weekends.
So while everyone's getting hyped because fringing is 'in' (again) and buying flowers for their hair and glitter for their faces, I'm giving you the smart girl's guide to festival dressing.
So what do I wear? Black. And lots of it. I always bring clothes with pockets and hoods and never bring anything that I would't like to lose. I don't own any wellies but my pink Timberlands have never let  me down and I'm looking forward to wearing my new Cat boots this year. I tend to avoid accessories completely because having a chain banging against your chest while your trying to dance in a sweaty arena tent is just annoying. I also prefer not to take a bag out so here's were the pockets (and bra storage) come into use. Think layers, think waterproof, think comfort.

From my personal experience, if you look good, you're not having a good enough time and if you're having the best time, the way you look is the last thing on your mind. The only thing that frustrates me more than the multitude of festival style magazine features is seeing people who actually try to pull it off. Girls, you're living in a field for a week, drop the vanity and enjoy yourselves.


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