Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The New Minimal


Man, these inspiration posts are so much easier now I have Pinterest...almost too easy, I used to have to work to find images.
I hate to say it but I'm beginning to tire of the internet's saturation of monochrome and minimalism, unless it's high end luxury or with sportswear detailing (as shown in above images) it can become quite repetitive. I read an article on the rising costs of manufacturing, it related directly to sneakers but could be applied to any area of he fashion industry (trust me I'm going somewhere with this, it is slightly relevant just read on...). Anyway, factors including the rising cost of oil, increasing minimum wages in emerging economies and high cotton prices mean that retailers need to either raise their selling prices or simplify their designs to continue to achieve the same profit margins. Understand it yet? It could just be complete coincidence that simplistic, minimal styles have come into fashion just as brands are desperate to lower the cost prices of their products. But knowing the fashion industry, nothing happens by chance and we all fell for this one.
So, there's a clear differentiation between classy, minimal style and garments that are plain boring, a differentiation that many fail to see. My advice- keep the fabric quality high, play with textures and proportions and add in a bit of print or detailing to keep it interesting!

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