Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Rough Draft



Michael Kors bag
Mango leather and suede bomber jacket
Asos mesh top
Asos check trousers
Nike Air Max 1 VT
Zara white embroidered sweater (favourite- so Balmain)
Motel stripe mesh sleeve dress (worn underneath sweater)
So my girl Sally has just set up a new business for her uni project; I introduce to you Rough Draft. Their new collection of quality, stylish notebooks fit in seamlessly with current fashion trends, from tartan to monochrome, they got it covered. Whilst out and about Manchester, we took a few iPhone snaps for promotion. The monochrome notebook is my personal favourite at it matches 90% of my wardrobe and is made from a beautiful quilted fabric. The collection is set to launch online this week
so #getthebook