Sunday, 6 January 2013

Greed Is Good

Greed Is Good Sweater- Takeover
Disco Pants Cranberry- Americal Apparel
Lace Up Boots- Primark

Mmmmmm new things. I'm currently interning at Primark head office and come across these gorgeous Jeffery Campbell-esqe boots. Love them so much I'm not even bothered about buying real ones now. I party to hard to justify spending hundreds on a pair of heels that i will definitely trash within a month. No Takeover sweaters left but tees still available at ... go see.


  1. I love your blog...amazing photos

    Let's follow each other?

  2. I've got the actual Litas and I really don't get enough wear out of them to say they were so ridiculously expensive, good job they were a present.

    Lovely blog, I'm a big fan of TOUK, got one of your stickers on my mirror ;)